MCAT Timeline

How to Prepare for the MCAT

There are many ways for students to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test. The traditional way is to study books, notes, take a few courses and take plenty of practice tests. Students have also hired personal tutors, which is a great resource if the tutors have gone through a process to ensure that they are qualified to help students reach their desired scores. Since we covered what’s good it would be wrong of us not to say what most students miss out on. That is planning out the route to take. Most students don’t make a schedule to follow, which is really important for staying on track and making sure that you covered everything.

How to Register for the MCAT

The MCAT is offered multiple times throughout the year and it is the tricky part. Students need to pick the date in which they feel that they know the material confidently but at the same time students must be thinking of applying to schools. So if a student takes it in fall they are missing on their first pick of schools to apply. This is because other students who took it earlier have already applied and are starting to get accepted. Then you can go online and register to the Association of American Medical Colleges and register to take your exam. The fee for the exam is $315 so know you will need to have a few hundred dollars when registering. You can consult with us on what we think the best course of action to take will be.

How to Understand Your Results

We’ve carefully crafted your “After I Get My Results”  Expert guide to be the ultimate course for learning how to apply your MCAT results. From the ground up (beginners welcome!), you’ll learn all the best-practice principles and strategies for generating new ways to apply to med school anyhow to send our applications.